Highlander Series 32"

Dog Gates are a wonderful addition to any dog owner’s home. Dog gates are the best method for sectioning any area of your home off from your dog while still allowing you full and easy access. We have a gate for every need you could ever imagine and if you have any problems figuring out which gate will work best for you and your home please feel free to call our customer service and they will help walk you through the selection process.

Dog Gates Categories
Dog Gates Categories

Highest Rated Products

Highlander Free Standing Non Walk Through EZ Gate

Highlander Free Standing Non Walk Through EZ Gate

» Available in 27" and 32" Heights.
» Free Standing.
» Handcrafted without the use of nails, pins, or screws.

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Richell One-Touch Pet Gates

Richell One-Touch Pet Gates

» Designed to fit openings from 28.3" to 35.8"
» 34.6" tall
» Opens in both directions for ease of movement

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More About Dog Gates

Dog gates for any type of dog, big or small it doesn’t matter because we’ve got something perfect for them all. Your dog is a jumper who gets into trouble? No problem, we’ve got some tall pet gates which are perfect for those high jumping pups. Have a more stubborn dog that is large? Look into our wood or hardware mounted categories for something he/she won’t be knocking down anytime soon.

Keep your dog out of any room necessary at the time with a free standing dog gate you can move it wherever it’s needed at the time. Have a new project or puzzle you’re working through but it’s too big for the desk so you decide to use the floor? Your dog could come and ruin all your progress, so use a dog gate and your project will remain in tact. Or perhaps you’re having a party and your dog needs to stay on one end of the house but you still want to be able to hear him/her if needed. This is perfectly handled by using a dog gate; place it at the end of the hallway so he has plenty of space to enjoy while keeping him away from your guests and never being a disturbance to your gathering.

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